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XFP 10G 20km BI-DI
XFP 10G 20km BI-DI Gezhi Photonics-Optical network devices innovator|Manufacturer of SFP/SFP+/XFP/X2/Xenpak, Media Converter,Patchcord
  • GXB-H1xx-LRC

    10Gbps XFP Bi-Directional Transceiver, 20km Reach
    1270/1330nm TX / 1330/1270 nm RX



    ♦ Supports 9.95Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s bit rates

    ♦ Hot-pluggable XFP footprint

    ♦ Maximum link length of 10km with SMF

    ♦ 1270/1330nm DFB laser Transmitter and 1330/1270nm Receiver 

    ♦ XFP MSA package with LC connector

    ♦ No reference clock required

    ♦ Loop Back Support.

    ♦ +3.3V,+1.8V power supply

    ♦ Power dissipation <2W

    ♦ Compatible with RoHS

    ♦ Built-in digital diagnostic functions

    ♦ Temperature range 0°C to 70°C



     10GBASE-BX 10G Ethernet


    Gezhi's GXB-H1xx-LRC is compliant with the IEEE803.3ae 10Gbase-Bx. and transmission distance up to 20km on SMF.
    The transceiver module comprises a transmitter with a 1270/1330nm DFB laser transmitter, an integrated 1330/1270nm detector preamplifier(IDP) mounted in an optical header and a limiting post-amplifier IC. Transmitter and receiver are separate within a wide temperature range of  0℃ to +70℃  and offers optimum heat dissipation and excellent electromagnetic shielding thus enabling high port densities for 10 GbE systems.


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    1270nm DFB laser Transmitter and 1330nm Receiver, 10Gbps, 20km,  0ºC ~ +70ºC


    1330nm DFB laser Transmitter and 1270nm Receiver, 10Gbps, 20km,  0ºC ~ +70ºC