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DWDM Passive Systems


DWDM Passive Systems

GEZHI DWDM passive systems represent a logical extension of the CWDM technology. 


Wavelength division multiplexing of DWDM 100 Ghz systems occurs in a narrow range of 1525 nm – 1565 nm, with a pitch of only 0.8 nm between adjacent channels. The channel capacity of such systems may reach 20 channels when working via a single fiber and 40 channels when working via dual fibers.


A special feature of the DWDM passive system is the absence of any active components. The line functions only due to the optical budget of transceivers used. No optical signal amplifiers and dispersion compensators are used.


DWDM passive systems have a high channel capacity and potential for expansion, however, the transmission distance is limited to the optical budget of transceivers used.


The main application of DWDM passive systems is metro networks, as well as high-speed communication lines with a high channel capacity. Unlike active backbone networks with amplifiers and dispersion compensators, the passive DWDM allows to arrange a high-speed system having high channel capacity with substantial cost savings.

Single Fiber Bidirectional  DWDM Transmission

The wavelength of TX and RX is   Different


Dual Fiber Bidirectional DWDM Transmission

The wavelength of TX and RX can   be Same or Different


GEZHI DWDM Link: https://www.gezhiphotonics.com/dwdm-100ghz-200ghz-50ghz.html


System Capabilities:

Transmission of up to 40 duplex communication channels;

Support of all transmission protocols;

Transmission of any kind of traffic;

Arrangement of metro networks with high channel capacity.

Optical Medium Features:

Single/dual optical fibers;

Maximum route length of up to 70 km depending on the channel capacity.

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