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PM Fused Coupler 1x2(2x2)

GEZHI 525,630,780,850,980nm Polarization Mainting Fused Coupler can be 1x2 or 2x2 configuration.The PANDA fiber used in these couplers provides a high extinction ratio for light which incident along the slow axis of the fiber.
  • Polarization Maintaining Fused Coupler (1x2,2x2)

    525nm, 630nm, 780nm, 850nm, 980nm

    GEZHI 1x2 or 2x2 PM Fused couplers are ideal components to split or combine light signals between two fibers over a wide wavelength and temperature range. Its used PANDA fiber which with both axis working only. It features low excess loss, small size and high polarization extinction ratio. And widely used in fiber amplifier, power monitoring and fiber optical instrument.


    Low Insertion Loss

    High Return Loss

    High Extinction Ratio


    Fiber Amplifier

    Power Monitoring

    Fiber Optical Instrument



    Type/1x2 or 2x2
    Center Wavelengthnm525630780850980
    Operating Wavelength Rangenm±10±10±15±15±20
    Max. Excess LossdB1.
    Tap Coupling Ratio%1±0.5%, 5±1.0%, 10±2.0%, and 50%
    Insertion LossdBIL related to Coupling Ratio
    Extinction RatiodB1x2:≥20 ; 2x2:≥18
    Return LossdB55
    Max Power Handling (CW)W0.10.10.5, 1, or 30.5, 1, or 30.5, 1, or 3
    Tensile LoadN5
    Operating Temperature-5~+75
    Storage Temperature-40~+85
    Package Dimensionmmφ3x54mm or φ3x60mm
    Coupling Ratio Tolerance%1/992/985/9510/9020/8030/7040/6050/50

    Note: 1. the PM fused coupler is both axis working, no axis can be blocked; default test extinction ratio is on the slow axis.

    2. Above specifications are for device without connector, If with connector, IL will be 0.3dB higher, return loss with be reduce 5dB and Extinction Ratio will reduce 2dB.

    3. For >10W high power applications, we will use heat sink package

    4. If there is pulse application, please be sure to inform us of pulse energy and peak power.









    Ordering Information  PMFBTC-XXXX-XX-XX-X-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX


    525=525nm; 630=630nm; 780=780nm; 850=850nm; 980=980nm; S=Specify

    ②Configuration Type:

    12=1x2, 22=2x2

    ③Coupling Ratio:

    50=50/50; 40=40/60; 30=30/70; 20=:20/80; 10=10/90; 01=1/99; S=Specify

    ④Fiber Type:

    PM460-HP; PM630-HP; PM780; PM980; S=Specify

    ⑤Power Handling:

    0L=0.5W; 01=1W; 02=2W

    ⑥Package Dimensions:

    S2=3.0x54mm; S3=3.0x60mm; S=Specify

    ⑦Pigtail Type:

    00=bare fiber; 09=900um loose tube

    ⑧Fiber Length:

    08=0.8m; 10=1m; S=Specify

    ⑨Connector Type:



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