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10G SFP+ Cables Series

GEZHI offers passive SFP+ Twinax cables in lengths of 0.5 to 10 meters and active SFP+ cables in lengths of 1 to 15 meters

  • 10G SFP+ transceiver Dirrect Attached Cable Series

    GEZHI 10Gbits SFP+ Twinax Cable Assembly is a 10GbE solution which connects 10Gb/s host systems at a much lower cost than optical transceivers. Its Copper DAC Twinax cables lenght up to 15meter. Length is customised on your requirement. 

    OEM/ODM are also accepted.

    If you need customized services, please contact sales@gezhiphotonics.com

    Part NumberProduct DescriptionAWG
    10G Passive SFP+ Cable
    GP-H1P-Z5C  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 0.5 Meter, passive30
    GP-H1P-01C  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 1 Meter, passive30
    GP-H1P-02C  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 2 Meters, passive30
    GP-H1P-03C  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 3 Meters, passive30
    GP-H1P-04C  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 4 Meters, passive30
    GP-H1P-05C  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 5 Meters, passive30
    GDAC-10GSFP-P5M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 5 Meters, passive24
    GDAC-10GSFP-P7M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 7 Meters, passive24
    GDAC-10GSFP-P8M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 8 Meters, passive24
    GDAC-10GSFP-P9M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 9 Meters, passive24
    GDAC-10GSFP-P10M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 10 Meters, passive24
    GDAC-10GSFP-P12M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 12 Meters, passive24

    Part NumberProduct DescriptionAWG
    10G Active SFP+ Cable
    GDAC-10GSFP-A5M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 5 Meters, active30
    GDAC-10GSFP-A7M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 7 Meters, active30
    GDAC-10GSFP-A10M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 10 Meters, active28
    GDAC-10GSFP-A12M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 12 Meters, active28
    GDAC-10GSFP-A15M  10G SFP+ DAC Copper Twinax cable 15 Meters, active28

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