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Gaussion AWG 80CH DWDM module
GEZHI 96ch AAWG Mux Demux is a scalable, high density and standalone passive optical module that perfectly suited to SONET / SDH , transport PDH, ETHERNET services in access and optical metro edge networks.
  • Gaussion AAWG Mux / Demux module 1x80CH DWDM module


    GEZHI Gaussion AAWG mux / demux based on silica on silicon technology, is designed for ITU channel spacing applications where no electrical power is required. This AAWG DWDM Module operates at 50GHz spacing ITU Grid DWDM wavelengths total 80 channels. The low cost and high performance make it the ideal solution for metro and long-haul DWDM applications. The 96CH 50Ghz AAWG DWDM can be used to replace the traditional TFF (thin film filter) DWDM products for cases where no power is available. 




    High Channel Isolation
    High Stability and reliability

    Wide pass band

    Low Insertion Loss

    Innovative craftsmanship for maximum performance with high degree of protection

    High Capacity For Data-hungry Applications

    Based on a-athermal AWG technology with Gaussian shaped pass bands



    Metro networks

    Data center

    CATV applications

    Access Network
    WDM Network



    Input Channel1

    Output Channel96
    80, 96 channels available
    Channel Spacing50GHz
    1dB Bandwidth



    nmGaussion Type
    3dB Bandwidth



    7dBWorst case in ITU passband
    I.L UNI.
    0.7dBLoss variation in ITU passband
    0.5dBMax. value in ITU passband
    Adjacent Crosstalk22
    dBWorst case in ITU passband
    Non-Adjacent Crosstalk27
    dBWorst case in ITU passband
    Total Crosstalk20
    dBCumulative crosstalk of all other channels
    Return Loss40
    Maximum Continuous Optical Power
    250mWMaximum input optical power
    Chromatic Dispersion(CD)-20+20ps/nm

    Compared with the traditional TFF technology, GEZHI AAWG DWDM Module has the following irreplaceable and obvious advantages:


    AAWG DWDM has thermal stability and improved ITU-Grid accuracy that ITU-G694.1 requires for with wider transmission bandwidth, thus it can be applied to high-end areas such as long-haul/Metro DWDM optical communication system.
    Better PMD feature (< 0.5 ps) enables it to meet the requirements of the 40G/100G DWDM transmission system and the PMD tolerance of the high speed system.
    AAWG does not need external circuit control. As a pure passive product, it can use self-compensation technology to do self-adaptation control for external temperature.